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When it’s about advertising in the digital arena, VI Media is here to stay. The reason? It’s experienced and has the expertise to give best-in-class digital solutions for advertisers and publishers. For VI media, team spirit is of utmost importance. That’s the reason being our passion for media and drive for success. VI Media leaves no stone unturned when it comes to providing world-class services backed by optimum results.


Video advertising is evergreen. Static advertising trend might fade away, but video advertising is always going to win hearts, as people find it engaging, conversational and to the point communication. Video Advertising can fetch great engagement for brands, generating leads.


Connected TV advertising has gained popularity due to its dynamism and tracking algorithms. It allows you to share high quality video with the audience while they are watching their content online. It is economical and you can count on its services that assure you great reach within a short span of time.


Advertisers and publishers should be where the world is – digital. Mobile advertising has gained a lot of recognition and helps to reach the audience directly on a personal level. Mobile advertising has greater chances of clicks and conversions, as campaigns can be timed well.

Banner Ads

Banner ads are passe, but still work. These are cost-effective, promise great reach and clicks. Banner advertising gives multiple options to advertise with platforms that ensure great traffic and clicks. VI Media specializes itself in banner ads advertising.

Rich Media

Display advertising, in today’s time is most effective as the advertising campaigns get more exposure in terms of podcasts, video, audio, music, more. Rich Media advertising is ruling the online market, make the most of it with us.


An ad unlike an ad, that’s what Native advertising is all about. It’s a paid version of advertising where you can be extremely creative as there are no limitations in terms of layout. Native advertising is effective and engaging.

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Be it for advertisers or publishers, going that extra mile is a part of our strategy so that we grow together. Let’s connect to transform the digital space for a progressive tomorrow.

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